Back to school!

First Day of School Chalkboard While kids in my new area in Florida have already been in school for two weeks, kids back home in Toronto start school tomorrow!  I remember as a kid, those last two weeks of summer were always the best.  That’s when the CNE was on – the local fair that I attended every year since I was a child!  I’m actually pretty sad that I didn’t get to attend this year, because there were so many great bands playing – everyone from The Beach Boys to Dragonnette.  I’m pretty sure if I was still living in Toronto, I would’ve been at The Ex almost every day!  The last two weeks of summer were always a bittersweet reminder to soak up as much sun, and live it up as much as possible because it’s a long, cold 9 months ahead.

But, to be fair, I was always super excited to be going back to school.  I loved buying brand new school supplies for the year.  I loved getting back to seeing all my friends every day.  Did you know that my very best friend and I were kept in the same class together, every year from Grade 1 – Grade 8?!  It’s no wonder that she ended up being the Maid of Honour at my wedding!  I’m so thankful to the teachers and principals who made the decision to not separate us!

So, to everyone starting a brand new year of school, especially my lovely nieces and cousins, I wish you much fun and success – and friendships that begin as children, and that last a lifetime!  The graphic at the left is a high enough resolution that you can right click and print, and include in your kids’ lunchboxes, if you so desire!

Come back Wednesday for a daily and weekly planner that would be great for homeschoolers and teachers alike!

Fonts used in this printable: Return To Sender; Chalk Hand LetteringA Song For Jennifer; Bradley Hand ITC



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