Custom Art is always in style

Formed by God's Hands Text Art by Superflash Creative Are you looking for a special and unique gift for a special someone, but aren’t sure what to get? Custom art is always in style!  I was recently contacted with a quote, and a colour scheme in mind and asked if I could turn it into something special for a graduation present.  Over the course of a couple of days, I was able to go through a few different drafts, changing some colours, fonts and backgrounds, until I fulfilled her vision.  I don’t stop until you are satisfied!

My client was looking to print and frame the art herself, so I was able to send her a full-size digital file.  Need me to print your art for you? I can do that too!

Quote art is great for graduations, birthday cards, religious events, baby showers (framed quotes on nursery walls are always a great touch!), and so much more.  I can create art from your favourite quote, or I can help you find a quote for your event.

Do you want some custom designed art of your very own?  Click on over to the Connect Tab and get in touch for more info!


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