Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays 01 – The Civil Wars

So, I decided to add a new feature to my blog – “Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays” – every Tuesday, I’ll offer up a new quote graphic with a YouTube video link to some of my favourite (and your favourite) songs!  This will allow me to flex my graphic design muscles in a quick and easy way, so I can play with fonts and colours – and will allow you to discover some new music.  I might pick something old, something obscure, or something super pop and fresh.  Either way, it’ll be fun, and I invite you to play along!  Got a song or quote suggestion, email it to me!

Here we go with week 1.  My song choice… “Dust to Dust” by The Civil Wars.

The Civil Wars - Dust To Dust - Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays at Superflash Creative

The Civil Wars are a band from Nashville, Tennessee.  They recently announced their breakup on Facebook, which makes me very sad.  But this song will always stay with me.  The hauntingly beautiful melodies in this song are found in all of their music, and I highly recommend giving their other songs a listen if you like what you hear here!



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