Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays 02 – Rebel Emergency

If you missed the blog last week, you’ll notice a new weekly feature around these parts – Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays.  Each week, I’m going to dig through my mp3 archive (and songs that you send me!) to feature some quotes from my favourite songs – both popular and obscure, old and new.

This week, we’ll pop into the archives to visit Rebel Emergency (AKA Panic and the Rebel Emergency).

They Said by Rebel Emergency - Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays at Superflash Creative

I first fell in love with this band back in 2005, with their cd Captured By a Vision.  Their rock sound, infused with a bit of reggae was music to my ears .  They were also super entertaining to watch live, and I remember going to dozens of their concerts that year alone.  This is a sweet little love song from that album, that was later remixed to go on their 2009 release.  Hope you enjoy it!

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