Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays 08 – Twin Shadow

Today marks two months of Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays posts here at Superflash Creative! Yay! I’ve loved this project so far.  It’s a great way for me to get a little bit creative in a quick and easy way… and to explore some new tunes!  I was feeling a little uninspired to write this blog, so I posted a status on Facebook asking for my friends’ current and all time favourite songs.  30+ replies later, I have a playlist of all kinds of new tunes, including the one below:

twin shadow - lyrical inspiration tuesdays at Superflash Creative


As I began listening to the songs that my friends suggested, Twin Shadow‘s song, “To The Top” instantly jumped out at me.  I love the 80’s ballad throwback sound of this song.  It sounds like it should be in St. Elmo’s Fire, or a Chicago b-side’s album or something, and I love it!  I’ve listened to it a few times and it definitely makes me smile!  Have you made any musical discoveries that you’re excited about lately?

Fonts used in this graphic are Little Trouble Girl and KG Skinny Latte – which I actually suggested as a font pairing in my Favourite Fonts for Fall post a couple of months ago.  I think they look pretty cool together!

If anyone’s curious about the playlist I made with all the new music recommendations, you can find it here at Spotify! I’m looking forward to adding more songs to this list as more suggestions roll in!


Favourite Fall Font Combinations

One of my favourite parts of graphic design is bringing fonts and colours together to create a piece of art.  As we’re ushering in a new season shortly, I thought now would be a good time to do a font pairing post, so today, I present to you some of my favourite fall font combinations.

I enjoy pairing thicker, bolder fonts with lighter ones, serif fonts with scripts, and so on.  I think you’ll see a pattern in most of the stuff I design, when it comes to fonts.  When you’re pairing fonts, just try to make sure there is contrast between the two fonts.  If you choose two fonts that are similar to each other, it’ll just look “off” and unpleasant to the eye, even if you can’t pinpoint exactly why.  There are many other rules to consider with typography (like leading, kerning, and so on), but contrast between fonts is definitely a good place to start.

So, without further ado, here’s my favourite font combinations for autumn:

Favourite Fall Font Combos from Superflash Creative

1. A Song For Jennifer  2. From The Woods 3. DK Kwark 4. Frente H1 5. Little Trouble Girl 6. KG Skinny Latte 7. Egrigio Script 8. Bountiful 9. Tall Trees 10. Acoustic Bass 11. Sketchetik 12. FFF Tusj 13. MA Sexy 14. Amatic 15. Bleeding Cowboys 16. Mesquite STD 17. Marcelle Script 18. Homestead 19. Colleged 20. Autumn 21. Rechtman 22. Mayonaise


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9 Alternatives to the Lobster Two font

When the font Lobster Two was first released, I went crazy for it.  I loved everything about it – it’s retro, it’s clean & easy to read, and it has a lot of flair.  If you browse around this site, you’ll notice my love for this font too.  Unfortunately, it was released as a free font, and just about half the world decided that they loved it too.  Now, Lobster Two is everywhere.  It’s nearly impossible to go a day without seeing this font – dare I say, it’s becoming the new Comic Sans (not even linking to that one, because really, nothing is worse than Comic Sans, and I’m not going to proliferate it).  I think it’s time for me to get away from it – and I’d like you to consider moving on from Lobster Two as well.

Anyway.  Yes.  Lobster Two is a graphically beautiful font.  But it’s overused and it needs a chance to rest.  So today, I present to you 9 font options that are similar to Lobster Two.  Use these for a comparable feel, without being lumped in with the masses still using Lobster Two.  Most of these are free, some are free for commercial use as well.  Which is your favourite?  Are there any other fonts that you think are too overused in design today?  Leave some comments below!

Alternatives to Lobster Two, from Superflash Creative

1. Deftone Stylus 2. Fontleroy Brown 3. Grand Hotel 4. FF Jackie Block 5. Mission Script 6. Pacifico 7. Playball 8. Retroactive* 9. Sofia

* Note: this links to a demo version of this font, which does not include all the characters.  The full font is available by clicking through at the link provided.


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There Is No X!

I’ve found myself with a bit of time off work lately, so I’ve been exercising the creative side.  I’ve had this idea for a print to hang in my kitchen for a long time, and now I’ve finally gone and made it.  The meaning of “There Is No X” is of course, for all the people who pronounce this amazing Italian coffee as “eXpresso” instead of espresso (a nice, soft s sound), a total pet peeve of mine!  I have a few other ideas in mind for future prints with the same theme.
There Is No X

I created the espresso pot, cup and coffee beans using my own little vector technique in Photoshop.  I figured that I would offer it up for sale on the same site that I list my photography, because I’ve ordered prints from them, and they always turn out great. is a great resource for photographers and graphic designers, as they will print photos and canvases in just about any size, with just about any frame and matting you desire.

The full size print is a high resolution file with no web crushing, as you see in the preview.  It does not have the “superflash creative” tag at the bottom.  I also created a version with a wider border that would look nice as a gallery wrapped canvas.

If you would like this print, but you want the colours customized, please send me an email and we’ll work something out!

It’s October! New print available on Etsy!

October has always been my favourite month of the year. My birthday, Thanksgiving (in Canada), Halloween, all those beautiful fall colours, Pumpkin Spice Lattes… what’s not to love?! Living in Florida is a bit different – it’s still getting into the 90s during the day (nights are a bit cooler, but nothing like Toronto fall!), and there are pretty much no fall colours to speak of – everything here is pretty much green, year round (except when the leaves fall off the Frangipani trees and leave them looking like weird random sticks. That’s just not so pretty, if you know what I’m talking about!)

But anyway, October in Florida is awesome in its own way – especially this year, because I have my parents & one of my good friends from home arriving this week – and with plans for concerts and Disney, who can complain?!

To commemorate the awesome month of October, I created a print that is now available over on my Etsy store. It’s a high resolution PDF print, featuring one of my favourite quotes by Lucy Maude Montgomery from Anne Of Green Gables – “I’m So Glad I Live In A World Where There Are Octobers” – Aren’t we all?!

October quote print at Superflash Creative

Sail on over to Etsy to pick up this print today!  (Please note – the full resolution file does not have the “superflash creative” tag at the bottom)

Back to school!

First Day of School Chalkboard While kids in my new area in Florida have already been in school for two weeks, kids back home in Toronto start school tomorrow!  I remember as a kid, those last two weeks of summer were always the best.  That’s when the CNE was on – the local fair that I attended every year since I was a child!  I’m actually pretty sad that I didn’t get to attend this year, because there were so many great bands playing – everyone from The Beach Boys to Dragonnette.  I’m pretty sure if I was still living in Toronto, I would’ve been at The Ex almost every day!  The last two weeks of summer were always a bittersweet reminder to soak up as much sun, and live it up as much as possible because it’s a long, cold 9 months ahead.

But, to be fair, I was always super excited to be going back to school.  I loved buying brand new school supplies for the year.  I loved getting back to seeing all my friends every day.  Did you know that my very best friend and I were kept in the same class together, every year from Grade 1 – Grade 8?!  It’s no wonder that she ended up being the Maid of Honour at my wedding!  I’m so thankful to the teachers and principals who made the decision to not separate us!

So, to everyone starting a brand new year of school, especially my lovely nieces and cousins, I wish you much fun and success – and friendships that begin as children, and that last a lifetime!  The graphic at the left is a high enough resolution that you can right click and print, and include in your kids’ lunchboxes, if you so desire!

Come back Wednesday for a daily and weekly planner that would be great for homeschoolers and teachers alike!

Fonts used in this printable: Return To Sender; Chalk Hand LetteringA Song For Jennifer; Bradley Hand ITC



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All about fonts – and 12 of my favourite free ones!

For my day job, I work in advertising at a local company. That means I get to design flyers and share stuff on social media all day!  I love my job so much, and one of the coolest parts about it is staying up-to-date with trends in the design world.  Particularly, fonts!  A good font can make or break a piece.  There are also lots of bad fonts around the web (Ahem, Comic Sans… I’m looking at you.)  Certain fonts are appropriate for certain instances, but not for all – for instance, some fonts are clearly meant to be just for headlines, others for big blocks of text.  Some fonts are reminiscent of a certain era (ie retro fonts) and others of a particular subculture (tattoo fonts, fonts that are similar to logos used by movies, TV shows or major brands).

Most of all, whether you are designing for print, web or anywhere in between, you want your font to be legible.   All that being said, here is a small collection of free fonts that I am really digging right now!  Below the graphic, you can find links on where to download them all. Mad love to the Lost Type Co-Op – creators of some of the worlds prettiest free fonts!
Favourite Fonts - Superflash Creative

1. Grand Hotel; 2. Market Deco; 3. Bender; 4. Type Keys; 5. Champignon; 6. Forte; 7. Sail; 8. Mission Script; 9. Matchbook; 10. Archistico; 11. Dolphin Sans; 12. Antonio

(Bonus – the title font is Yellowtail, and the collection font is Lobster Two – you’ll see that one a lot around here!)

What are your favourite fonts?   Please do share below!  Would you like to see more font features on the blog? Let me know that too!