Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays 05 – Maroon 5

In today’s installation of Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays… I bring to you Maroon 5.  Maroon 5 is one of those bands that I got *super* into when Songs About Jane came out, and then I kind of lost touch with them aside from the single – but I’m completely loving them again with the release of their new album, V.  Maps was their first single released on this album, and I think it’s one of the catchiest songs of 2014.

Also – I am totally loving the font and colour combo for today!  If you’re curious, the fonts I used are Ostrich Sans Inline and CK Carolyn.

Got a song suggestion for a future week?  Leave a note in the comments, or send me an email!

Maroon 5 - Maps - Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays at Superflash Creative.


Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays 04 – Royal Wood

This is my birthday week, so for this week’s Lyrical Inspiration post, I decided to showcase my absolute favourite musician – Royal Wood.  I can’t even put into words how much Royal Wood’s music means to me – I haven’t identified with music so deeply since my teenage obsession with Our Lady Peace.  His newest cd, The Burning Bright, is one of the best albums I’ve heard in my entire life – you can read my review of it over on the Singles and Pairs blog to see why I feel so strongly about it.  But if you don’t feel like reading a full review… here’s one of my favourite songs from the album:

Royal Wood - Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays at Superflash Creative


“White Flag” is one of the stand-out, rocking tracks from the album, and it is amazing to see live.  I’ve seen Royal in both full band and acoustic performances – each have their own unique flair.  I highly recommend seeing him live if you ever get the opportunity!


Got a suggestion for a future song? Email it to me!

Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays 03 – City and Colour

This is the third installation of my Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays – a weekly feature where I’ll feature one of my favourite songs and present a quote and a video from it for you to enjoy.  Got a suggestion for a future song? Email it to me!

This week – it’s “The Girl” by City and Colour.

The Girl by City And Colour - Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays at Superflash Creative


City and Colour is the stage name of solo artist Dallas Green, who happens to be my friend Amber’s favourite musician.  While I can’t say I share her complete love of City and Colour, this is the one song that I constantly get in my head.  City and Colour recently announced an upcoming collaboration with Pink, that will be released under the name You + Me, and it sounds really intriguing!

Anyway… without further ado, here’s The Girl:


And, as an added bonus, here’s an acoustic cover version of this song by Sarah Blackwood of Walk Off The Earth:

Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays 02 – Rebel Emergency

If you missed the blog last week, you’ll notice a new weekly feature around these parts – Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays.  Each week, I’m going to dig through my mp3 archive (and songs that you send me!) to feature some quotes from my favourite songs – both popular and obscure, old and new.

This week, we’ll pop into the archives to visit Rebel Emergency (AKA Panic and the Rebel Emergency).

They Said by Rebel Emergency - Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays at Superflash Creative

I first fell in love with this band back in 2005, with their cd Captured By a Vision.  Their rock sound, infused with a bit of reggae was music to my ears .  They were also super entertaining to watch live, and I remember going to dozens of their concerts that year alone.  This is a sweet little love song from that album, that was later remixed to go on their 2009 release.  Hope you enjoy it!

Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays 01 – The Civil Wars

So, I decided to add a new feature to my blog – “Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays” – every Tuesday, I’ll offer up a new quote graphic with a YouTube video link to some of my favourite (and your favourite) songs!  This will allow me to flex my graphic design muscles in a quick and easy way, so I can play with fonts and colours – and will allow you to discover some new music.  I might pick something old, something obscure, or something super pop and fresh.  Either way, it’ll be fun, and I invite you to play along!  Got a song or quote suggestion, email it to me!

Here we go with week 1.  My song choice… “Dust to Dust” by The Civil Wars.

The Civil Wars - Dust To Dust - Lyrical Inspiration Tuesdays at Superflash Creative

The Civil Wars are a band from Nashville, Tennessee.  They recently announced their breakup on Facebook, which makes me very sad.  But this song will always stay with me.  The hauntingly beautiful melodies in this song are found in all of their music, and I highly recommend giving their other songs a listen if you like what you hear here!