All about fonts – and 12 of my favourite free ones!

For my day job, I work in advertising at a local company. That means I get to design flyers and share stuff on social media all day!  I love my job so much, and one of the coolest parts about it is staying up-to-date with trends in the design world.  Particularly, fonts!  A good font can make or break a piece.  There are also lots of bad fonts around the web (Ahem, Comic Sans… I’m looking at you.)  Certain fonts are appropriate for certain instances, but not for all – for instance, some fonts are clearly meant to be just for headlines, others for big blocks of text.  Some fonts are reminiscent of a certain era (ie retro fonts) and others of a particular subculture (tattoo fonts, fonts that are similar to logos used by movies, TV shows or major brands).

Most of all, whether you are designing for print, web or anywhere in between, you want your font to be legible.   All that being said, here is a small collection of free fonts that I am really digging right now!  Below the graphic, you can find links on where to download them all. Mad love to the Lost Type Co-Op – creators of some of the worlds prettiest free fonts!
Favourite Fonts - Superflash Creative

1. Grand Hotel; 2. Market Deco; 3. Bender; 4. Type Keys; 5. Champignon; 6. Forte; 7. Sail; 8. Mission Script; 9. Matchbook; 10. Archistico; 11. Dolphin Sans; 12. Antonio

(Bonus – the title font is Yellowtail, and the collection font is Lobster Two – you’ll see that one a lot around here!)

What are your favourite fonts?   Please do share below!  Would you like to see more font features on the blog? Let me know that too!


4 thoughts on “All about fonts – and 12 of my favourite free ones!

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